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Third and last race of the "EICMA - Internazionali d’Italia" motocross, with a record of participants for this test with over 160 riders at the start, as underlined in the words of the Race Director of the Italian Motorcycle Federation Andrea Barbieri; all masterfully organized also thanks to the precious support of the Mantovano-Tazio Nuvolari Moto Club managed by Giovanni Pavesi.

The President of the Federation Giovanni Copioli, present on the competition field, congratulated everyone especially given the difficult pandemic period, which certainly does not make it easy to organize sporting events.
Three important races on the international motorcycling scene, as also underlined by Giacomo Casartelli of EICMA, which are part of a series of events that will lead to the Milan international show from 25 to 28 November 2021.
Extremely tense and unsurprising races that determined the absolute winners of 2021: Romain Febvre (Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team) the best in the Supercampione and MX1, Nicholas Lapucci (Fantic Facotry Team Maddii) in MX2 and Hakon Osterhagen (Fantic Factory Team Maddii) in the 125.

The Internazionali d'Italia and all the riders present, who also saw the 10-time world champion Stefan Everts among the protagonists in the paddock, greet the motocross circus and make an appointment for 2022, wishing us all with the return of the public in the stands , the real big absentee of these tests, but who was able to follow all the tests thanks to live streaming online.

SUPERCAMPIONE - Perfect race for Romain Febvre (Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team), who won “EICMA - Hole Shot” and also the “Best Lap - 24 MX”. The Frenchman, who started very strong and determined, was able to win the race and “Internazionali d'Italia” and in the end he said: "Nice races and Lapucci surprised me in the Supercampione race, where Jorge joined me and we had a good battle, but he came too far strong inside the line when he tried to overtake me. For me everything went better and better from the first race, my arms were a bit stiff at the end of the race, but starting like this in the season is fine because we still have two months and maybe more before the start of the world championship and we have time for improvement. Now I am going home to my daughter because I have been away from home for a few weeks ”.

Romain Fevbre Vincitore Supercampione

We do not know whether to define the race of Jorge Prado (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) as unfortunate, who after passing the excellent Nicholas Lapucci (Fantic Factory Team Maddii), moved to second place and when he attacked the leader, made a serious mistake that could have had far worse consequences, crashing on the Pit Lane straight for attempting an incredible braking, which forced him to retire.

Excellent second on the Beta was concluded by Jeremy Van Horebeek (SDM Corse Beta MX) and third Ivo Monticelli (Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team), while Lapucci finished fourth with the Fantic 2Stroke, also because he crashed about halfway through the race losing some positions.

MX1 - In Mantova race the “Newfren - Pole Position” goes to Jorge Prado (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) who unfortunately shut down his KTM in the first corner, restarting last.
Ivo Monticelli (Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team) sprints very fast and wins both “EICMA - Hole Shot” and the “Best Lap - 24MX”. The Italian Kawasaki rider in the first laps is attacked by his teammate Romain Febvre (Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team) who passes him and pushed strong on the lead.
Excellent race by Jeremy Van Horebeek (SDM Corse Beta MX), who was able to overcome several riders to reach second place, conquering a beautiful position for the Tuscan Beta Motor that returns to international competitions in a perfect way.

A good result also for Alessandro Lupino (MRT Racing Team KTM), who was able to finish in fourth place; Prado, on the other hand, recovered to reach sixth place. 

Vincitore MX1 - Romain Febvre

MX2 - Time practice best lap, winning the "Newfren - Pole Position" was from Roan Van de Moosdijk (FeH Racing Team - Kawasaki), but "EICMA - Hole Shot" goes into the hands of Nicholas Lapucci (Fantic Factory Team Maddii) as well as the "Best Lap - 24MX", demonstrating an excellent state of form of the Fantic rider who stretched on all his opponents going to win with his 2-stroke.

In second place Van de Moosdijk who was able to recover several positions after a bad start, while third Ramon Savioli (Cumaricambike - Husqvarna), who completed a good race, maintaining the podium position conquered at the start.

Vincitore MX2 - Nicholas Lapucci

125 - Two very strong heats where the "NewFren - Pole Position" is conquered by Hakon Osterhagen (Fantic Factory Team Maddii), who completed two difficult races but which still allowed him to win the championship: in the first (despite the "Best Lap - 24MX ”) crashed in half of the race while he was in command and in the second manche the bike got stuck with that of Valerio Lata (MRT Racing Team KTM).

In race 1 "EICMA - Hole Shot" for Luca Ruffini (Berbenno - Gas Gas) who kept the pace well and took advantage of the leader's error. In race 2 Luca Ruffini wins again “EICMA - Hole Shot”, who is chased from the first laps by Andrea Rossi (Mxone - KTM) who thanks also to the “Best Lap - 24MX” takes the lead. Third of day Andrea Viano (Cassanese - Husqvarna) thanks to good placings including second place in the first heat.

Vincitore 125 - Hakon Osterhagen

And this is how the Internationals of Italy 2021 end!
We are back on track with the pandemic, demonstrating that racing can be done safely and that motorcycling is a sport that can be practiced with the right attention.

It will be another uncertain year due to Covid, but we will face it as we know how to face the challenges on the track, without giving up and without being discouraged even in the face of hard times, like the champions we often refer to and cheer on the track as much as we can, or in front of a TV or computer screen.

We have seen many riders get up after months of stop due to injuries, today in Mantova there was a great sportsman on the track: Stefan Everts!

A man, a rider, a champion (who won and lost race and championship), a father ... who after making us dream in races, with 10 world titles, did not give up in the face of a serious infection taken in a charity race and today he was there by his son's side with the same passion after months in hospital and so many treatments: an example for us!

We will meet again on the track soon.









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